FX demo accounts?

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  1. Anyone recommend a good FX demo trading account?
  2. ^^ I registered^^ verified but cannot log in. Screen freezes every time...
  3. Try Dukascopy... good graphs too.
  4. Most popular platform would be Metatrader, you can get it from a lot of differnt brokers like interbankfx.
  5. Oanda.. demo works flawless.. i'm making a ton of monopoly $. can't wait to go live :)

    disclaimer: i am a crossroads futures trader
  6. Oanda's spread on the EUR/USD, much of the time, is unbeatable by anybody!

    i'm looking at 0.9 right now.
  7. Thankjs for that. Works great. (-$100 today LOL)

    How are they as a broker?

    Try Dukascopy... good graphs too
  8. Andiebro


    Hi there, well I downloaded the MT4 from Tradeview and it has worked quite well. I also opened my demo account with them, they offer a good leverage 100:1 and the spread for the EUR/USD is also good, though it varies, I had never seen it passed the 3 pips. I hope you find this information useful. Bye now.
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    I will show you choice spread in a demo, who the heck cares? IT IS A DEMO? Do you think this is the same case in reality?
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