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    We started this chat last week and had good positive discussions about the FX market. Some people even threw out some trading ideas. It was fun and hopefully we can keep this going. Ideally it will be informative and relative to 'live' trading. And as a bonus we can all form some good trading friends.
  2. UK numbers coming out at 4:30 ET. The median estimate is 55 for PMI number.
    Cable touched 1.84 and came in hard after that.
  3. Emu PMI coming out at 4 ET. Estimates are at 53.8. If it comes in weaker it will probably try and touch 1.2180 as the ECB could be on hold or maybe even have a bias to cut. Remember oil will have a bigger effect in the eurozone because consumer spending has been weaker there to begin with.
  4. no major reactions after the numbers came out. For the most part they came in-line.
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    Your wasting your time pal.
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    I hope this helps.
  8. ISM numbers out at 10 am ET.
    Median estimates are for 61.0 The breakdown components are key, especially for our friday non-farm payrolls.
  9. Being that the market is waiting on friday's numbers, I guess we can expect to see USD strength as the week goes. So we could see cable and euro either re-trace some or at the very least see consolidation.
  10. Gold getting real close to touching 400.
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