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    What charting charting software do those of you who trade forex with IB use? I recently got a trial of esignal forex but the spread is off and they do not quote IB forex.
  2. QuoteTracker.
  3. I followed some earlier recommendations here and got Sierra Chart. It's very good.
  4. Sierra Chart for a year or so. It is a very good value.
  5. I use Amibroker. Works perfectly. You can set it to show on the ask, bid or midpoint.
  6. Investor/RT by LinnSoft - has Ichimoku charts which I found hard to find in most charting apps.
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    have you checked jTWScharts ? it charts the IB bid/ask.
  8. I also use jTWScharts - but it is best geared toward intraday trading - if you plan on swing or position trading you might not want to try this.
  9. Since the software you utilize and the b/d who facilitates your trades are 2 different things usually, I highly recommend e-signal. I know it's pricey, but they have everything you could want in the form of indicators. Even though the currency prices are not in line w/MB Trading (my broker) to the exact PIP, I still find it very effective.
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