FX Bulls & Bears and their Critical Price Levels

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  1. FX Bulls & Bears and their Critical Price Levels...as of Saturday December 27, 2008...





    NOTE: these are my opinions based on my research..do your own research before you trade...please note this!!!

    PLEASE do add your thoughts input, insight, opinions and whatever cross rates you believe to be bullish or bearish and their critical price levels...thanks!!
  2. I gotta take this one back...when you look at the 1 year and 3 month and even 1 week and 2 day charts...why all the hype about USD/JPY BULLISH...I think this is still a BEAR and look for serious resistance at 91.00 and 92.00...

    also the USD/JPY hit a 2 year low of 87.14 on Dec 17th..yes, 2 year low...we cannot too easily call the USD/JPY a BULL yet...
  3. eur/aud bear
  4. I gotta take this one back also...look at a 1 month chart...it looks like the USD/CAD is trending down...looks like the USD/CAD will see serious resistance to the upside...so, I think that the USD/CAD is a BEAR!
  5. USD/CHF...now here is a true BEAR...sell it!!!!!!!
  6. get a 1 year chart out for the GBP/USD and here you find "another BEAR"...BIG time!
  7. will be interesting to see if current trends are continued before 2009...
  8. 13 years
  9. No offense, increasenow. But if you make a claim in the first post and then take two of them "back" 20 minutes later, it doesn't suggest you did any significant research.
  10. Seems to be the popular theory. I agree. Just not sure on entry point. Sunday thru Tuesday could be choppy, as was last week.
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