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  1. Can you recommendet any reliable FX broker with wireless trading?I used CMS but there is possible only dealing desk.

    Think about MG financials.

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  3. Hmm... what does your broker choice have to do with your connectivity method? If you have an active wireless network connection and are willing to trade through it, OK. If you don't have it, then that's not an option. Right?
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  5. how about gain capital's www.forex.com , they have a mobile platform, reputable broker
  6. also find http://mgforex.com/

    all I want is to checking swing trades when Iam out of my office
  7. why not just get a wireless alert & / or quote service, and call your broker as & when to execute trades on your behalf?
  8. thats how I do it now,just want to see if there possibility of "wireless orders"...
  9. btw do you have idea of any wireless alert system?
  10. run an internet search, there are a few free web -> mobile-based ones i used to play with a year or so ago, but honestly can't remember...
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