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Discussion in 'Forex' started by strw23, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Hello All

    I have been trading CFD's for a while and I would like to eventually get into Forex. I was looking at some charts the other day and came across a problem I was wondering if someone could help me with.

    My understanding is that when you are given a currency pair the price is in the second currency eg AUD/USD $0.75 meaning it only takes US$0.75 to buy A$1.00.

    I currently use Metastock 9.EOD and Tradesim so the question I have is when I now look at GBP/JPY 202.40 meaning it takes 202.40 yen to buy 1 pound. This price and chart are not in AUS$ and obviously dont work when I try to run a simulation in Tradesim because it sees 202.40 and assumes it is dollars. This especially becomes a problem when I try running a simulation on multiple currencies.

    How do other people get around this and do their testing?

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    Hello again,
    Is there no one here who is willing to help. Obviously a lot of people here trade fx, how do you do your backtesting with all the different currencies thats all I want to know, no system secrets. I have posted this question on other forums but nobody ever seems to be able to help. I thought this would be the place.

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    We currently do all our backtesting (including FX) in Excel.

    You could generate your "signals" in metastock in the form of an exploration and then copy/paste into excel. Obviously a batch programming type software (such as winbatch) would help automate the process.
  4. What i do the back test is using Intellichart. Which is quite good about their back tick test lab software. however, their scripting is not that powerful, so if you h ave some complicated strategy want to run, you better do it manually with it historical data.
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    Thanks both for your reply, I will check them out.

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    try metatrader4 from www.metaquotes.net
    it is integrated all-in-one solution (charting, datafeed, backtester)
    and it's free
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    These types of platforms may be fine for testing short term strategies but how on earth can you test positions trading strategies where the net interest rate carry *can* become an issue?
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    have you tried it on your own?
    metatrader does count in backtests overnight interests as well