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  1. How many of you hook into auto-trading in the Forex world?

    How is it working for you?

    No schills please.... only traders using this service...

    Lets see if we can discuss without posting any links in this thread ok?

    Michael B.
  2. ssblack


    i autotrade my own strategy...? does that count?

  3. AC3


    You can count me in and its been working well.

    I only do daily trades so dont have the volume of some of the other scalpers posting however given my strategy its worked out as I had hoped.
  4. Luke_P


  5. It works well for me. Since FX is a 24/6 market, automating it helps significantly.

    As for the MQL4 contest posted in the previous link it's a total sham. Nobody with a decent autotrading system would give it up unless they are stupid. The contest isn't real money results and you give up your expert to the contest organizers to trade on their servers. It takes like 2 seconds for them to decompile the best EAs, though they "promise" that they will delete all EAs from their servers. Wow that makes me feel much better especially considering you're trusting a bunch of Russians with your EAs based on their word only.
  6. ssblack


    so true, many guys with EAs as good or better than mine haven't touched that contest. why take the chance? 40 grand is nothing to us now, plus the annoyance of having to be "famous" with all the demo trading Metatrader guys.
  7. Peter35


    It seems that some people here don't read before they post or they just can't resist posting some link :D
  8. Luke_P


    Sorry. Had been browsing the competition results recently and had it on my mind. Guess I didn't read the entire post.

    FWIW, the top 2 contenders have posted their entire strategy source code under the comments section.