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  1. hi people!

    iam new user of fx-auto .

    i want to share the expertise with them.

    my first weekly was excelent. im start 17/1/2007 (17 of jan)

    i select a very conservative strategy.
    select providers with best relationship between 2 parameters.


    example i select varios of QUANTS (carnival,MP40,BabyBear,minimac) because they win so much and support low maxdd against them.

    my perfomance at today is +400!.

    only one providers is very bad in this weekly (JOSF1 on eur/jpy 3trades bads....)
    the rest is ok.

  2. the results are positives +170 dollars

    but i change my portfolio because:

    JOSF1 was elim
    ai analitycs eurusd elim

    i incorporate more providers and reach 20 (the maximun)

    critical mass (no ope)
    gfs-nikray (no ope)
  3. fx-auto raise max providers at more than 20! (limit before)

    i have 23 in my list.

    i add cumasa and 2 1stgold.
    add 3 izkalab
    add 1 rt_forex_north.

  4. Are you using them in your real account or demo?
  5. suncarrot i use real account.

    my results at today are 0.(after 20 days)
    i lose 300 dollars with Quants gbpjpy mini-mac and i delete this.
    anothers gain 300 dollars.
    excelent Izkalab (+400)

    add robinhood.
  6. Thanks for your reply!

    So can you fix SL in your settings or just modify it everytime by yourself in MT3.Or you even don't concern setting SL and just let the system decide this for you?
  7. i am not manually operate.all deals are auto.

    i only select the best providers .(in my opinion)

    last week i reach 27 providers.

    the signals are few 4-8 a day.

    the results are very variables. -500 to +500 a day like maximun.

    with 2500 dollars i can operate ok.

    in this month the results are aprox 0.

    in january i win 500 dollars.

  8. this weeks are 0 results.

    because the strategy to have many providers result in 0 gains.

    1 provider (QUANTS) more specify mini-mac GBPJPY giveme -700 dollars....

    the rest of providers are goods results.

    specially IZAKLAB (+500 dollars)

    i dont support more quants. i only have 2 now.

    i put 3 more providers, with good results.

    i generate one signal of system of c2 (Gold Survivor Forex Portfolio) in free trial . the cost is 495 dollars for month.

    i think this system is very interesting to be added at portfolio Fx-auto. my question is to Fx-Auto you can added this system???? (i send a email to the fx-team today with this consult and my idea of who take this suggerence in fxdd-auto )

  9. FX245


    can you give us an update after 4 months ?
  10. all signals bad

    i am out of business (auto)

    now trading options and hedging ok :)
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