Fwlt, Chap, Ma

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  1. FWLT, CHAP, MA are oversold due to the recent market selloff

    I suggest loading up on these stocks as they will rebound when sanity returns to the market.
  2. This from a guy with a 15% gain in GOOG who thinks he crushes the market and has a 17" monitor. :D

    Almost forgot to add IT SO FACT SO
  3. How many shares of each are you "loading up" with.
  4. None. Just throwing out some stock picking ideas.
  5. thanks for the great shorts
  6. If they're so great to buy, why wouldn't you buy them yourself?
  7. Brandonf

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    If they are so great that you think I should load up on them, why shouldnt you? Usually when I "throw something out there" its shit..but maybe you put more thougth into things ya throw than I do.
  8. Weeee! Look at MA plunge! Look at FWLT!

    Look at CHAP!

    Better run for the exits. :p
  9. Oversold? Are you looking at 1 minute bar charts?
  10. l2tradr


    I'm sure he's looking at the Yahoo 1 year chart :p
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