FW wall street top 100 earners

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    An incomplete list. Then again, there are a lot of people who fall under the radar of journalists. As far as now, I have no idea.
  2. Louis Peltz [The New Investment Superstars] has about a top 50 list dropped to about top 25 in 1998.She is mainly writing about the top 12 in the 10 to 15 years thru 2000.
    Paul tudor Jones,Bruce Kovner, Mark Kingdon,Steve Cohen persist.
    Those stay mostly north of $50 million per year

    Bruce Kovner quote''rare book collecting also a passion''
  3. I only know that I'm not on that list yet.

    Noticed that Steve Schonfeld is on the lower list....seems to me that if I owned a prop firm I would strive to get to that level. Sometimes I get the feeling that some partners are going out for the fast smaller $'s. If Steve can do it, can't anybody? Maybe someone with experience with Sconey can comment on how he made that much $.

    The bright side is that I'm still young enought o be able to get to that list and be able to enjoy it.

    Happy New Year.:D
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    Some of the guys in the Market Wizards and NMW are also in the list. But none of the guys interviewed in the Stock MW appear. I think Schwager got some rather medicore traders to mention in SMW. Hope he would do better next time.

  5. Steve Cohen, I believe, is from the SMW book.
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  7. Next year is your year.

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    Thanks, GWB!
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