FVE indicator

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  1. For the traders who use the FVE indicator, I would like to know how you use the information in your trading (daytrading or swing trading). Anyone using the FVE as part of a trade signal in a particular strategy?

    FVE - Finite Volume Element
  2. Also, for those who use the FVE in a strategy, what are you using it for....stocks or futures....both?
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  4. Hello AMT4SWA,
    Don't use this myself, but there is a Chartscript on the WealthLab website built around this. You can try it out on various stocks on this webpage:


    The code for this is based on the FVE System as presented in the April 2003 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine. There's also the VolModFVE indicator from the September 2003 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine coded for WealthLab, haven't played with this one yet.

    Hope this helps,
  5. I have the VolModFVE already and I have read the articles you mentioned. Thank you for your input, this should help the traders that do not have any experience with the FVE indicator.