Futuristic Gadgets for the Next James Bond Movie?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pension_Admin, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. One of the cool thing I found about those Bond movies is that most of them have really awesome futuristic gadgets. However, in the recent Bond movies, these awesome futuristic gadgets seem to be lacking.

    I know Bond movie is not about the gadgets, but is about Bond's ability to do absolutely anything, but I still think the gadgets are crucial to the entertainment value of the movie.

    So, what kind of futuristic gadgets James Bond should be utilizing in his next movie?
  2. Personally, I think the gadgetry takes away from the franchise's appeal. I favor the more gritty "reality," such as it is. I think the gadgets should be limited to a bare minimum, otherwise he might as well get a cape and a mask. (Speaking of capes and masks, the latest generation Batman movies featuring Bale are a disappointment to me because of the overwhelming gadgetry. He might as well fly.)
  3. Well, I think having some believable futuristic gadgets make it more "realistic" in a sense that Bond is only human. There are times he does need futuristic gadgets to get him out of troubles.
  4. When all he has to do to get out of a bind is reach into his pocket for a lifesaving, game-changing device, then the excitement and suspense is at a minimum. It's also something of a cop-out on the part of the writers. Good old-fashioned resourcefulness should be his principal weapon. It's easier to relate to, and makes for a better story. Gadgets should be minor and incidental. Just my opinion.
  5. i agree with you gadgets are better. perhaps a computer watch. or special glasses. the car in the quantum of solace at the beginning had nothing. the car needs improving. maybe they could make a laptop out of small object.
  6. I was actually disappointed that the gadget that Bond used in Quantum of Solace was his Sony Ericsson cell phone.

    The whole movie seemed like a long commercial for Sony products.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.
  7. I think the special glass would be a good idea. Our technology is not that far from turning glasses into computers.

    What I realized from watching those James Bond movies and the gadgets is that our imagination for technological gadgets/products may be at our limit.
  8. they had a 200million pound deal i think. this may be the reason other gadgets are not in it. they are probably trying to plug there products and spend the time the gadgets would use doing it. this stops the gadgets being used and replaces it with things you can buy now taking out the novelty. you can see it as making it more realistic but you lose the impressive factor.

    unfortunately like everything else money ruins it.