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    FuturesTrader - The Simulator to papertrade Futures and Equities

    If you don't know about FuturesTrader, take a look at this link here on the board: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12420

    If you liked FuturesTrader V1, you know one of the biggest disadvantages was: You couldn't customize it. Three different layouts, that was it.
    Version 2 changes this: Move the differnet FT-modules around, see what you want to see, shut down the rest.

    Most of the Windows have a small line at the Top and a rectangle in the lower right corner
    Point your mouse to the small line, click the left mouse Button and move the Window around. Sometimes, it will not work at the first try, as the line is small to save space, but it works. The windows snap together, once your near another one, btw.
    Point the mouse to the small rectangle in the lower right corner and resize the window. At the moment the contents of the window are not scaled (one step at a time, lol)

    The Menu is also new.
    You can set nearly all internal variables through the Trade-Options, so if the Tradedesk seems crowded, deselect some of the things you see. Let me know if you still have too much clutter and we will add options to remove even more.

    The new Status-Bar shows some important Trade Buttons, the clocks and the information line

    If you have Dragon Naturally Speaking, join the Futures_Trader Yahoo group. Some are already using FT with speach commands. It works and support has been added so the buttons can be adjusted by speach instead of the wheel.

    Bond Traders:
    Trading in Fractions is fully supported on the Tradedesk.

    Fade and Breakout Trades:
    Point the mouse to the Linit Field and turn the wheel to add or substract a Delta. Attention: positive values always go in the direction of the trade, negative against, even if you go short. EG Breakout Short at 930 +Delta 0.50 = Limit order at 929.50. Test it in Demo first

    Added the Blocktrade warner. Set the size of the Blocktrade you want to get an alert for each contract individually in the Symbols box.

    Download from http://www.futures-trader.net


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    I'm already subscribed to the other Futures Trader thread so I could get update. Now I have one more damn thread to keep up with for the same product!

    Like your product though.

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    The other thred is already 10 pages long, and V2.0 will have a lot more possibilities, so I thought it warranted a new thread