FuturesTrader Review: Thank you George Soros

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    A redesign, when you can switch off all the bells and whistles and have only what you need on the screen?

    I think in the last months I added not one feature, which has to be used or can not be switched off (there are some exceptions, but I would neverever give away the time advantage the Fast Order entry system gives me. And if you don't use it, you sure will not mind the 1 extra button)

    But George is correct, when he says FuturesTrader can do a lot of things. Why?
    Because I added all the stuff real day-traders, sitting in front of their computers day in and out, asked me to add to make their day easier. Sure, if you switch everything on in FuturesTrader it looks complicated, but no one expects to fly a starfighter without flight training.
    Switch everything off, use the basics and then start looking around, that's the way to do it.

    But if you can fly a starfighter, you expect one to fly. And you want to fly it the way you like it, with the instruments you like and the layout you like.

    I'm not the great trader, I'm just a day-trader able to program my own frontend. And a lot of things found in Futures-Trader are just that.
    My ideas often come when I find some task too cumbersome or too slow or too repetitive. Then I try to think about ways to improve them and how to put this to work in FuturesTrader.

    I ask on my website for your comments and ideas.
    I have asked in my FuturesTrader thread, which George Soros closed, for your ideas. If possible these get added.

    Sure, I have to live, so if someone askes for the moon or a strategy, which will make him big money, I will not add it for free. I never said I would. But I have customers who are more than willing to pay for their ideas to be implemented. Why. Because if it is unique and works, it remains unique and continues to work.

    Some ideas I will not do as a paid job. Like adding a Friends and Family account support. Why? Because it would be bad business for me, if I made something this general unique.
    On the other hand: Who trades friends and family accounts? Not someone, who has 5.000$ in his account and has to turn every dime. Adding an FA account support means he or she is trading in bigger lots.
    Still I see no suggestion from George asking for FA support in my emails.
    I had some people asking in December for FA support until the end of december and I answered them, I will most likely do it, after I added support for trading multiple contracts in FuturesTrader.

    I think this makes sense, as if you have an FA account, you often have multiple positions open, so to add the latter makes no sense without having the first step completed.

    And the first step takes me longer than anticipated. Why: Because I want to do it in a way a daytrader can use it.
    Meaning, the order entry screen is placed right below your chart, and everything works from there. But with all the bells and whistles I got used to in the 2 years FuturesTrader is now my own trading platform, it is not a 2 day job to implement.

    So FA accounts will come, but as long as I'm not paid to do it, it will come in my time.

    I'm a one man show, I'm a developper and daytrader and I need to live. So the documentation is not what you might be used to reading other professional documentations, where a lot of people took a lot of time to write it. But it does the job, and I'm here or in WoodiesCCIclub nearly daily to answer your questions or help you along, if you have questions.

    So to come to an end:

    I invite you to test FuturesTrader (www.futures-trader.net)
    and please tell me what you specifically not like, what you miss, what ideas you have.

    I don't think we will find the holy grail, but having the USS Enterprise to trade the market, would be sufficient for me.

    Best regards,