Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Lucias, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Lucias


    I'm offering FuturesPremium.com domain at $4500. This is a great domain. Get on the bid and contact me if you think you might want it.
  2. Mvector


    Go to flippa.com - you wont get any takers here - LOL

    i make very strong six figures a year from affiliate marketing and website building flipping - trading sites are not pulling what they used too and forex crap has really dropped off. Try warrior forum too - might get some takers in there.
  3. Roark


    I don't understand why people who allegedly know how to trade would post crap for sale on here like its ebay or craiglist, and it's not even for huge amounts of money. Isn't there a better place to hawk domain names?
  4. Lucias


    I wouldn't list a non trading domain. But, I think this is a really top domain.

    Knowing how to trade is only part of the equation: getting capital is the other part and equally important.

  5. Roark


    You should have capital by now, way more than $4,500.
  6. Lucias


    How? How should I have capital by now?

    Sorry I'm not reading you. You've no idea my background but assume I should have capital.

    This is naive. Its funny traders think they are too good to buy/sell crap when thats all trading is.

    I'm sitting on the offer at $4500 and making a market for this product.

  7. Roark


    From your posts, I got the impression that you really knew what you were talking about. $4,500 shouldn't really be worth distracting you from your primary business activity.
  8. No, but he may have gotten the domain for something else and then why waste it? ;) 4500 us well worth his time if this time is just spending a couple of hours putting it on some websites.
  9. Mvector


    Kind of funny on this subject of websites and traders - I know about 35 to 40 twenty somethings who make 30 grand a month or more building sites / driving traffic / flipping sites along with their affiliate marketing - I know 3 traders who make 30 grand a month or more and they are in the 40's

    Building websites in wordpress, driving some traffic, and then selling the sites in 2 to 6 months is by far the best ROI game I have ever seen in my life - this just kills real estate investing or trading from a win to loss ratio.