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    Anyone else using this platform for quotes?

    ive been using it for about a year now, and have had no problems, but these last few weeks......

    the feed now cuts out 2 times a day on average, and almost always when i change workspaces. i have also noticed a severe lag in data today (my platform had executed 2 orders 10 ticks apart with in 3 seconds (er2 spike down @ 08.45 cst), before futuresource had even started to move.

    ok, there may be a delay in a spike when getting quotes over a commercial isp v direct line into the mothership (globex :D), but how come my brokers platform chugs along a-ok??

    anyone else noticed this decline in reliability?

    who thinks its related to crappy e-signal taking over?

    great shame, cos this used to be a fantastic package.

    (lol - as i type, its just lost the feed again......time to hand in my notice....)
  2. i've been using them for a couple of years and been pretty happy, partly because i got the fsxtra cheap deal through cbot.

    Last week or two there does seem to be a more than normal number of disconnects. I haven't paid that much attention because they've always lost the feed from time to time (i figure you get what you pay for) and it always comes right back up after i log back in.

    Also, from the beginning i've had problems when changing workspaces. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's another thing i've not been too bothered about because i usually just use one screen anyway.

    Future Source was bought by esignal some time ago, and i was hoping esignal would just let them alone. Now they seem to be trying to take it over or something, so perhaps it's a good deal gone.
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    cheers - yes ive always had the odd disconnection like your self, but not bothered me because im not a real short term trader.

    the disconnection are getting more frequent now though as you seem to have noticed too - and its gunna cost me money in missed opportunity one day so i may jump unless they sort it.

    cheers anyway
  4. I remember this platform did not offer the simple value of the last trade size....does it offer it now?
  5. Yes, you can get trade size on the quote board. I think maybe earlier versions did not have this capability though.
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    Hello Fred

    I currently use the FutureSource Xtra platform. It has though as you've noted cut out a lot recently. I thought it was quite odd that I would receive the login box on occasion since this didn't happen before. I've found the connection to be pretty stable in the past. Recently though the disconnects have been happening a lot.

    Another thing that's been happening is data loss. Sometimes I'll have bars missing in a chart. I usually call tech support and they check on it to fill in the missing data. I've asked about the problem and they've mentioned it's due to a server. It's a bit annoying sometimes. I use a 1 min so it's more noticeable as opposed to a longer time frame.

    The feed through future source also slows down during different announcements. I've never used any other data provider so I don't know how other providers of futures quotes handle the increased data load during some economic events. I've noticed that especially on FOMC days the data lags a good 2-3 min sometimes. The dome on my order entry is fine but the charts take a beating and I don't see them update as quickly. I've asked about this too and they said it may due to the memory in my computer. I actually went out and purchased extra memory and maxed out my mother board at 3GB. After doing this I still see the data lag sometimes. I'm thinking it can't be my memory if I went from 512MB to 3GB. It's been a big hindrance.

    I've thought about perhaps upgrading to Future Source Workstation. I'm thinking it might be a bit more reliable? I may take a trial to test them out to see how I like it. Which version are you using Fred just curious and also what other provider of futures quotes have you been considering besides FS?
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. Maybe someone here at eSignal could explains us the decay in performance/reliability of the Futuresource web based...maybe thy are forcing the customers to shop for the more expensive Workstation version ?! :D

    Also I know that in the past to have a simple features such an alarm, sound, etc for a price trigger setup you had to purchase the Workstation because FS did not care to implement such a basic feature on the web-based version.
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    personally i dont see why workstation would be better - the data feed is going to be from the same data plant - and its still going over commercial isp.

    im thinking of maybe www.prorealtime.com they get their data from gltrade im told.

    no way will i go to e-signal. theyre probably the cause anyway judging from the number of complaints we see here. i hope we havent been switched to their plant. if i was going that way, id just get cqg, but im not scalping or anything - i tend to trade off longer term charts anyway (10m) and ive never noticed any massive lags like 3m, and small lags arent the end of the world either. yesterday was the biggest lag ive noticed. 95% of the time i usually get my fills at the same time fs prints.

    its the disconnections that wind me up.
  10. I'm just curious.... where does the retail trader "jump" to? That other feed.... is like 500 a month?

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