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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by dojibear, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Any of you use the Xtra.com quoting service from Futuresource.com?
    I registered for the 14 day try (all exchange real time!). The Java-based browser is nice, but I found the data delivery very slow, and unreliable (it's ok once it's loaded). For example, I open a java 5 min-chart for ECM2, it took a while to get the graph (sometime up to 10 min, sometime never!), and I change time frame to 15 min, and I have to wait another 5-10 min. :mad:
    I know it's not my cable modem connection, because the quote feed from my broker is good, the 10$ CME Globex E-minis are good.
  2. jmk



    You probably have a firewall issue, with port 4001 closed. I got this problem at the beginning with ZoneAlarm incorrectly configured.
    I've used this datafeed for a couple of months, and I get the data in about 1 sec - I mean changing the contract or the time frame when the applet is loaded. The feed is quite good, as good as eSignal I used too : there is a little lag > 1 second with InteractiveBrokers feed, which comes directly from the exchange.
    I use a cable modem in France.
    Hope this helps,

  3. Salut jmk,
    Thanks for your reply, I also have ZomeAlarm as firewall. When you said to reconfigure the ZoneAlarm, I supposed you meant to change the 'Security Setting' from 'High' to 'Low' ? Unless you have the paid version of ZoneAlarm (I have the freeware version) that you could choose to 'open' port 4001 ...I am not very familiar with all that ...:(

    Monday when the market opens, I'll try with ZoneAlarm Security setting to low, or turn off ZoneAlarm, and I'll see.

    Alors, tu 'trade' les contrats de Chicago? ca doit etre dure pour le decalage horaire? :p
  4. Please do use English in your messages. French is not spoken by many people here...
  5. Hi Jmk,

    You are right, when I turned off the firewall, Futuresource's quote applets work very well.
    I have contacted tech support at Futuresource.com, and they told me that there are no ways around to deal with the port 4001 closed by the firewall.
    I wonder what did you do to use Futuresource.com quotes? do you turn off your firewall, or you got the ZoneAlarm Pro (or other firewall) that allows different security settings?

    Cheers ! :p
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    are futuresource quotes better/faster than CME equotes?
  7. the CME quotes, you mean the 10$/mth Globex? It's about the same speed.
    I am still wondering which I should get, Qcharts or Futuresource Xtra... Qcharts are slightly more expensive, however you get the time of sales, and none of those problems with the firewall that I am having ... :mad:

    Anyne has a suggestion? :)
  8. LadyLuck


    the CME equotes at 60 per month supposed uses futuresource for charting as well .. but i figure that they are more 'direct' possibly.... too bad they don't offer a trial so that i can compare
  9. jmk


    Hi Dojibear,

    I remember I opened port 4001 with ZA Pro, and it worked fine.
    But I don't use it anymore, as it slows down InteractiveBrokers TraderWorkstation - on my lazy PC.

    For security issue - note that I'm definetely not an expert - I checked with ShieldsUp from http://grc.com/default.htm that my main ports are closed.

    I don't trade eminis, but I need to check them, as they margely rule european markets, especially from noon here - I just should trade them, could wake up later :) Waiting for IB multicurrency futures account, probably like many other european traders.
    Dear Def, anyting coming ? :)

    BTW, thanks for your french :)