Futuresource website stopped providing ICE quotes?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by rose, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. rose


    Usually use the futuresource.quote.com website to chart futures spreads (Brent and CL calendar spreads) but I've gone over there this morning and all the spread information seems to have gone, and there is no longer any ICE stuff at all.

    I can't seem to find a way to contact them via their website, so just wanted to see if anyone knew about it?

    Am I going to have to finally bite the bullet and hand money over for this?
  2. There's a link "Contact Us" at page bottom

    And yes, that website has Acapulco-dived in quality last friday. It was probably the best professional-looking futures trader-quality financial quotes and charting web page out there, with barchart.com 2nd place. stockcharts.com is good only for stocks and etfs. Now, futuresource is a disgrace designed for newbies and high school students, a pathetic yahoo finance clone. Traders not welcome there anymore.

    Of course professional traders do not rely on web-charting and delayed future quotes, but this site was the best available when on the road, or when not feeling like logging to the bloated pro software we use as our main tool.

    If I'm not mistaken this is the same company as Esignal, well-known for buying competitors and then ruining their platforms. Any former qcharts users can attest to this.
  3. rose


    It was actually useful for charting spreads on your phone or whatever, what would motivate them to remove the only useful feature of their website.... morons
  4. Visaria


    I just went to look at various commodities' charts - what a shock!

    Totally changed, awful. A lot of commodities don't seem to exist there any more. The charts are small and naff looking.

    I've been using Futuresource for over 10 years even putting up with their annoying adverts.

    Futuresource , RIP.
  5. Visaria


    Agree. Thanks for mentioning barchart.com. Just been perusing that site. It's not as good as the old futuresource, but not bad tbh. Will make it my charting website of choice.
  6. I wonder what happened to those who subscribed and actually paid for futuresource premium... shafted big time.
    Will they subscribe to quotrek or esignal? I wouldn't give my money to those scummy esignal people. In trading, platform stability is everything, you can't change your chart layouts, bookmarks etc every time some marketing genius thinks he can suck more money from you with a different platform.
  7. Kevin4U


    i see it too !
    what is happening ? i have been using their charts and quotes for the last five years and i am very upset..they have no contact number only through email
  8. jspittler


    I relied on the fact that you could chart your own formulas. For example, I used to chart the actual amount of money I was up or down on various spreads. For example, I could chart:

    =('HE M2'-'HE J2'-5.8)*400

    And it would plot the spread with the vertical scale indicating how much money up or down I was on that position. To make it easier, I had designed my own spreadsheet that generates the above equations based on number of contracts, average Long and Short entry prices and contract size. I could then just cut and paste the formula into my custom chart definition, and I was set.

    My futures account is being managed by a friend of mine, but I always "followed along" using the above mentioned charts. It made it very easy to see what was happening.

    Very disappointing.

  9. jspittler


    Well, I figured out that I can use "expressions" at barchart.com. The format was slightly different. A typical formula is:


    Which is close enough to FutureSource that I was easily able to modify my "expression generating spreadsheet".

    Well, I don't really like barchart.com quite as well, but it is definitely better than nothing.

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