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  1. Has anyone heard of or done business with this group?

    They trade futures, which is what I'm interested in.

  2. This looks like a hook.

    "FuturesCapital.Net charges tuition of $2350.00"

    What's preventing them from not allowing you to trade their capital after they take your tuition fee? Make sure you speak to a few of their traders who joined the program--and paid the fee--before you take the plunge.
  3. Once again its just another scam where all of the risk is put on the trader. The $2k or whatever they charge for their "training" is simply for the margin you will be trading with. So you are essentially trading your own money, and giving them a cut. Sounds pretty dumb to me...
  4. It sounds like you are pissing away $2,350 to me?
    It's not like they are going to actually teach you anything for that tuition.

  5. sounds like the same thing as keystone. you put you a "training fee" to trade their capital with a super tight leash around your neck and they will "fire" you at anytime.