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  1. Ok guys, I want anyone that has had any experiences with FuturesCapital.net to chime in. They have their ad plastered all over Craigslist, coast to coast.

    The name of the 2 principles are, Arnold Yusim and Richard Albert. I did checks of them on the CFTC and NFA websites and they seem to check out OK.

    Albert is associated with Cunningham Commodities. Cunningham is in good standing with the NFA and is a FCM. They created the T4 trading plaform(they white label it to other FCM's and IB's).
  2. I can only speak about T4 - when I used it I really liked it. Great platform and good service.

    No idea if that translates to the firm you are asking about, but the t4 product was solid when I used it (now using OEC).
  3. How much you pay for the training ?
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    OP, I contacted Rick Albert. Seems like a good guy and answered all my questions. I'm trying to find some testimonials from people also so would appreciate any info.
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    If one of the founders came from Cunningham, do you know if they take on experienced traders from the ag markets? I've been looking to change firms for a while and I know Cunningham clears a lot of guys down in the ag pits so this is interesting to me.

    I will e-mail them myself on Monday, just wanted to see if any of you could answer this beforehand.
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    @puretruth, the training is $2199, but you can pay in installments if you want.
  7. Well, I called Cunningham Commodities and spoke with a higher level executive. He said that Mr. Albert had worked with them for a number of years and not one single call had been made to Cunningham concerning a complaint about Mr. Albert.

    So far, so good. The fellow also went on to say that his personal judgement of Mr. Albert was that he was a decent and honest fellow as far as he could tell. Had met his aquantance a few times and seemed on the level.

    I haven't asked Mr. Albert to give me contact information from a few students so I may get their opinions, however, the way he sounds, he wouldn't mind this in the least.

    The "training" seems quite cheap compared to these equity 5K "seminar deposit" types. I asked Mr. Albert why he coul offer the training so cheap and let folks trade futures(to whom most should not ever attempt it, most do not have the personality type to deal with the action, stick to equities if you are having a tough time of it). He said that he has the best proprietary risk management and postion size tools and orders around that allow even the most unitiated to give it a go.

    Said he has most excellent proprietary indicators that give the system a edge that makes it easier to determine proper entry/exit points.

    Ok, so there you go. I do not know if I am interested or not. I want to start doing futures options credit spreads for sure. However I wouldn't mind getting in on the action real time as well. The commodities market will outperform the equity market for the next 3-4 years, should have been on the gold options sooner. Oh well, still plenty O' Money to be made. G'Day!
  8. Even if I do not use this FuturesCapital.net, Cunningham Commodites seems like a very good clearing firm indeed. So if you clear through Cunningham, them chime in on this thread as well. Cheers!
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    Only 3 posts but such a great testimonial?

    This is interesting.

    And the 2,500 is "cheap"


    Well, if "new" ET members like the services, good enough for me?

    I'm guessing you have no connection to the firm whatever, right?

    full disclosure, impossible on ET
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    OptionProphet, any update on FuturesCapital.net? Did you talk any further with them? Just found their add on Monster.
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