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    Hey i was wondering how might the best way to start trading futures. I am good at trading stocks and options, but with futures im haveing a hard find strategys most people use and what exact futures are the most popular. Any suggestions on books or web sites with good info on learning about futures?
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    jebara> how might the best way to start trading futures. <

    For starters, try the links Spread Trading: How too…

    Send us any and every question no matter how small, and post really good ones on the end of the posts where the question arises.

    Like all investments, seasonal spreads are sometimes in season, sometimes not. If you want to stay in the market long enough to catch some really big windfalls, take a look at calendar spreads.

    Trading seasonal spreads takes very little time, once you set up some sort of formula for trading. The only way I know is to jump in and experiment a little.


    jebara> Any suggestions on books<

    Sure you can start right here Spread Trading: ebook