futures xtra ugly tonight. im flat as a pancake. u?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. good luck
  2. You mean down? That is the trend for now until it ends. A stampede although unlikely---given open market operations at present-- we are due sometime this year. I think we go back up to new yearly highs to suck up more money over the next few months, then chop, then wham down 15-20% late summer/fall for new support.
  3. the last 10 months have been a giant bull trap..

    this bear market started in 2007.. im looking for ES YM to test lows of march 09.
  4. coming from the dude that said it was very unlikely to have "two consecutive down days".. im sure all your longs have been crushed.. come join the bear party
  5. I just bought 4 contracts of ZW at 484.75 futures is the name of the game!
  6. GDP numbers---rally. Like out of a broadway script.
  7. moron, I never said anything like that, check your nicks.

    and I was right, ugly as hell today. glad you're in it to win it
  8. Shorts paid again today. I have sold most of my short position. Holding a little more just in case we move down more but will load again if we can rally higher to 1150ish to 1200 range.

    Good Luck