Futures with under $2000

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  1. Is it possible to trade futures with a starting cap of $2000, or does the SEC have rules about the minimum amount of equity a trader must have?
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    Yep, it is possible via someone like IB. I started trading YM futs with that sort of amount, but it does require a real discipline and tight stops to begin with.
  3. Great, I have an account with IB, and have lost a significant amount trading stocks due to the SEC's pattern day trader rules (cannot sell the stock on the same day, thus stop losses were blown through). So, now i'm looking to get into futures, since the rule doesn't apply.

    When you say "futures", I assume you mean single stock futures?
  4. ...requiring a minimum of $2500 in your universal account to trade futures, I believe.
  5. Good, i'm a hair above the $2,600 mark in my account right now.

    If you wanted to buy a future, would you go throught the same motions as if you were buying a stock? ie. place the ticker name, lot size, price, and press buy button?
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    No, I mean index futures - mini Dow and S&P.
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    If your IB account goes under $2,000 equity you will only be able to close open positions regardless of intra-day margin requirements and IB will revert to overnight margin rates at 3:45PM EDT and liquidate positions if you don't have sufficient margin.
  8. Yes, i realize that i'm about to go under, but I would like to give NQ and/or EQ a try.

    Is it possible for an account with $2600 to trade the NQ or EQ markets?

  9. yes, of course. however, may i suggest a broker requiring $500.00 margin per contract. trading one contract, you can experience a 2100.00 drawdown and still be in the game. not that you would ever let that happen



  10. Sure, you can suggest a broker requiring a $500 margin per contract.
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