futures with most volume for reit index & financial sector???

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by johnpalley, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. i went through the whole entire list of futures to try to find these and the best i could come up with is "fin" and "djusre". none of these instruments have any bids or asks or any volume? is there instruments with alot of volume for these sectors? thanks
  2. no one knows? i figured the real estate one might not exist with alot of volume but i thought i could find a good financial sector instrument?
  3. etile


    i hope you haven't started trading yet. those are indexes not futures.
  4. i dont think thats true. to give you an example i just found "tf" which it says is the russell 2000 futures and when i go to contract description it says security type-futures. those instruments i listed earlier are from a page that lists every single futures instrument and also with them when i go to contract description it says security type-futures. where are you getting this from?
  5. You can trade the Chicago ONE futures for IYR and XLF. Large bid-ask spreads though, approx. 0.5%.
  6. thanks for the info but those will definitely not work. i just typed them in and there is no volume at all for those. i just dont understand how the financial etfs for stocks can be so popular with so much volume but then when it comes to volume on the financial futures theres none? i dont get it. i thought the financial sector was the most popular? theres alot of volume for the russell 2000 futures which is the small caps?
  7. so i guess these sectors wont have any instruments for me when it comes to high volume futures right guys?
  8. Nope.

    Either trade the Chicago One equity futures for XLF/IYR or trade XLF/IYR equity options.
  9. thanks for the info everyone