Futures vs Stocks

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  1. Hey I asked a similar question couple of weeks ago but this is more specific.

    I have a system that gives me 2-5 good signals a day on the 5 yr.

    At the same time there are 10 stocks that I have watched in the past and they give me about 12-18 DISTINCT signals, meaning more like 25-30 but some happen at the same time.

    Because of the infrequency of the 5 yr, I get into bad trades because I jump into trades that kinda sorta look good.

    I'm thinking with many more signals, I'll be able to pick and choose better knowing the next good one is right around the corner...

    What do you guys think?
  2. You're jumping the gun getting 2-5 good signals a day?

    In lower VIX I often go a week or two without any significant trades. My suggestion is to just learn some patience.
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    Who called it! :p
  4. Well these signals are not like 20 pointers....Each one is good for 2-3 points or 10-15 cents in stocks.