Futures vs stocks

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Jimmy3, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Jimmy3


    I have a question. What is easier to daytrade futures or equities ? Where there's a bigger edge for a scalper these days ? Is there more people making a good living scalping ES or rather trading stocks at prop firms using big leverage ?
  2. TraDaToR


    I don't scalp ES or stocks, but i suspect scalping ES is a lot harder than individual stocks.
  3. how can you pass an opinion if you have never done it?

    Let someone who actually knows answer it.
  4. Jimmy3


    I'd like to know what in particular makes stocks easier to trade then stock index futures for example. Why is it easier to make 3-5 K per day having 100K of buying power available (at prop firm) rather then trading your own 10K retail account from home.
  5. Traber


    I've asked about this too and haven't heard/read a good answer yet. IMO futures are the better trading vehicle. I don't understand why many prefer to trade stocks instead :confused:
  6. Surdo


    The leverage/liquidity/tax treatment is preferencial in Index Futures. Neither one is "Easy" to trade.

    Paper trade both and decide for yourself.
  7. I agree with Surdo. the tax advantage to futures make a big difference. you also have much better leverage in futures than stocks. this can be both good, and bad.
  8. sg20


    Depending on your ability, most day traders didn't make it trading ES. On the other hand, stocks are easier to trade but they are not so hot right now either.
  9. they're both a tough trade. futures requires more discipline and that accounts for the higher failure rate.
  10. i can trade 100 shares of POT for 60 cents RT, and target a $100+ move all day long. It is easy to capture the spread on exit and entry on a winning trade, and get paid an ECN rebate.

    Trade 1 contract of ES for $4 RT, and pay the spread on entry and exit, for an additional $25 cost.
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