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  1. 1. does euro currency futures trade 24/7 ?
    2. I am getting so many conflicting euro currency future quotes its not even funny.

    is this a jungle , and a lawless land or what

    Where can I get reliable euro currency futures price for euro currency for example..

    the demo i am using , semms that they are gone for the day , lol

    currency trade is indeed a jungle
  2. got the answer,

    answer is yes

    sorry to waste a thread..
  3. Are you sure you've got the right answer? :)

    1. No. Euro-FX futures (and others) on CME GLOBEX stop trading for an hour every day, 4 - 5pm CT.

    2. Unlike spot forex, there should not be any discrepancies among currency futures prices from different sources. There is only one exchange price, bid / ask, at any given time.
  4. get your quotes from Rueters or Bloomberg. the forex bucket shops can't help you -- UNLESS you can find an arbitrage one against the other, and I'll bet you could.

    Lawless is a big word. Think of it like shopping for a car. You go to various dealers. If you're not on your game, you get fleeced. You have to know what a good price is and what you're willing to deal at. Be a big boy.
  5. you read my mind :)
    ..so the answer is they do trade 23 hrs eh ?

    i am new to forex...trying to abandon equity
  6. The futures trade Sunday 6:00 PM Eastern to Friday at 5:00 PM Eastern time, so it isn't a 7 day market.

    And as was stated, the futures take a 1 hour break between 5:00 PM Eastern and 6:00 PM Eastern - the "open".

    The only exchange that currently lists currency futures to my knowledge is the CME (though EUREX is talking about it):

  7. Try this site for legit and real time futures quotes on the currencies: (you have to sign up first)

  8. Currency futures also trade on the NYBOT (FINEX) and TIFFE )....LIFFE also offers them..there may be more but off the top of my head thats what ihave