futures vs. options . Legal matter

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    1.If any operator profitable in future market ,stock and options
    on stock market , will trade options solely as simple buying and
    after that selling solely on 100% cash basys .
    That would have more advantage for operator from
    legal point of view.

    Margin is source of potencial contflict with broker , as in
    case of future trading ,also in case of stock margin account .

    Correct ?

    Future -Not SIPC covered ,high margin
    Stock Margin -SIPC covered ,NASDAQ 2520,NYSE 431 ,Reg.T
    Stock without margin -SIPC covered ,only long,no
    2520,431,Reg.T ?
    Options on stock -SIPC covered, 2520,431 different
    without margin interpration from different brokers ?
    level 2 simple Or can be traded without limitation
    buying and of intensity on 100% cash basys
    after that

    2. Futures market defined as zero summ game ,stock market no
    3. Platforms and conditions offered by SEC related industries
    generaly better as offer from CFTC releted industires

    Any comment from experienced operators would appreciated.

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. milstar,

    I respect the fact that English is not your first language. It's not mine either, but it's very hard to understand your statements or questions.

    Also from your post it seems that you never traded before.
    What "legal point of view"?
    What "conflict with broker"?
    Do you understand that SIPC is only relevant if your broker goes under?
    You are also very confused using the term "margin". Buying stock on margin is much different than future margin.
    What do you mean futures are high margin? Do you understand the concept of leverage?

    Your statement on "zero sum game" is completely irrelevant to trading.

    Also I cannot get your statement about "Platforms and conditions offered by SEC".

    I suggest you learn the basics first, then ask better questions using a different user name. You're on my ignore list now

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    WTF are you trying to say, in any language?