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    have any of you tried these Trading Systems that have been tested for several years by the site: Futures Truth?
    In your opinion, are they still valid?

    - Aberration (Keith Fitschen)

    - Benchmark (Schen T.)

    - Golden SX (Stuckey R.)

    - DCS-II (Peter Aan)

    - Mystery System (Peter Aan)

    - Dollar Trader for Currencies (Dave Fox)

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    Futures Truth published quarterly summations of some 700 robots that they actually ran themselves under supervision BUT published their findings only if the bot owner agreed. Presumably poor results would have been withheld. That said FT stopped publishing Dec 2019 and seems they are out of business; contact admin Jessica and got not response.

    There are some 2940 bots listed under Striker (some 1500 are dead bots with obsolete track records and some 1000 or so do not make money):
    For example, Abeeration by Kieth Fitschen is listed there; since September 28, 2010 it has lost -$30,060.17 so it seems not my first choice. Benchmark and Golden SX are dead and Mystery System is not listed in Striker.

    There is also Cannon iSystems with 1860 bots: https://cannon.isystems.com/.
    Mystery System is also not listed either.
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    For Mark Brown:

    I found in the Market Scalper website the formula of your T.S.: Another Oddball System, published in the magazine: Active Trader in 2009, and while trying several times with Tradestation, there are no signs;
    there is probably some error in the formula reported in the site.

    If you have time, could you correct it?
    I thank you in advance.


    {Another Oddball System, Origin: Omega-List Written by Mark Brown Date found: 1 oct 97}




    if c >bbh then buy this bar on close;
    if c<bbl then sellshort this bar on close;


    {The Adaptive function part is Perry Kaufmans: AMA by P. Kaufmans}

    inputs: Price(numericseries),period(numericsimple);

    vars: noise(0),signal(0),dif(0),efratio(0),


    dif = AbsValue(price - price[1]);
    if(currentbar <= period) then am =price;
    if(currentbar > period)then begin
    signal = AbsValue(price - price[period]);
    noise = summation(dif,period);
    efratio = signal/noise;
    smooth = Power(efratio*(fastend - slowend) + slowend,2);


    am = am[1] + smooth*(price - am[1]);

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    but wait i was never in futures truth "know why" i would not pay them to push my freely given system. so there you have it - the value of a system is directly inverse of it's cost.

    PM me and i will give you a link where you can download the system to import into TS or MC.
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    Not from Futures Truth, but I found the formula in the site: http://marketscalper.com/
    (now closed) that reported an excerpt from the magazine: Active Trader.
    Here you can download the article:


    I wanted to test Another Oddball System because you wrote years ago, that this Trading System is better than Aberration and CatScan, 2 T.S. that for several years were among the 10 best of Futures Truth.

    Thank you.
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  7. El Trado

    El Trado

    I can't stop being fascinated about people that actually are gullible enough to believe that someone would sell a profitable system instead of using it themselves and get fabulously rich...

    But, I guess, there is the saying: There is born one every minute..........
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    alcoa and ge paid 5 million for an aluminum trading model
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  9. %%
    MOST would not;
    IBD founder did+ put it in a big book.
    Even stranger// he sometimes gave away books. But he maybe unusual in the fact he had a heat of a teacher. Sure he made many millions in that field,, but that does not change my point.
    Most people would not give away silver dollars, to strangers/:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D .But @ least one TX oil driller did/LOL...................................................................................................
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    well then prove you are right - provide the names of 10 traders and their trade data showing they have made profitable systems and NOT sold them and then we will see for ourselves. I can't believe people can be blind enough to think their own ignorance is an opinion. One born every 30 seconds...
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