FUTURES - Trend Following Breakout and Signal Thread

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by billpritjr, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Well, let me start a thread dedicated to pending and/or recently occurred breakouts or trend following signals to enter a trade.

    Lots of markets out there, and it is hard for one person to watch everything.

    Many ways to identify trend, N-day breakout, MA crossover, trendline, etc. All methods will "put you in the trend." For example, a 20-day N-day breakout will identify the trend with similar accuracy as a 5/20 EMA crossover.

    I am not interested in intra-day trends, just those of signifigance which could result in a multi-week or month play.

    Post your observations other comments here.

    I will get started with

    NATURAL GAS - 2-month highs today.
    ORANGE JUICE - recent new multi-year highs
    WHEAT - recent multi-year highs
    CORN - recent multi-year highs
    COPPER - been in consolidation pattern basically since July 2006. Monitor for new bear or bull trend change.
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    IMO if your going to do this ... best way to do this is to post charts and get in detail about things that you see or are looking to see ...

    I'm be interested in a discussion its just I need a chart or something to work with