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  1. Where can i learn more about it/ is it that much different than trading with stocks?

    i have been following the markets for a couple hours each day for the last 3 months and developing a few strategies on my own. What really draws me to futures more-so than stocks is the fact that you only have to watch one thing (rather than many stocks). Also i noticed commissions for futures are less than stocks.

    A few questions. Can i start of with a small amount say 2k? (my understanding is futures move a lot faster than stocks)

    My only choice as far as brokers is IB since i live in Canada and I'm not aware of another broker than does futures here.

    is there a way to look up futures historical data like from yahoo on ninjatrader like you can do with stocks? The only thing i've been playing around with is the ninjatrader simulator for es/er2/ym i'd leave it on for a few hours and observe/try trading it.

    Can someone just clarify any other differences between stocks/futures thanks.

    Little background i'm 18, a student. So yeah school is kinda in the way but that wont be the case in the summer, until than i want to learn some more.

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    I think 2k is too little to start with. I would open a small fx account if I were you and just learn how leveraged markets move. You can open a mini account and learn to trade with a small amount of money. When you are ready you could move to futures (the real market). I do not support fx trading in the retail sense but it is a good place to learn how to trade without risking a lot. Some companies have tick values as low as 10 cents. you will get eaten alive with 2k in futures. Also bravo for starting so young. If you learn to trade leveraged contracts at your age the sky is the limit
  3. Not sure which futures you are talking about, but you would do well to stay completely away from futures for the next 3 or 4 years - at least.

    Futures is where the smart money hang out steeling money from everyone else.

    IMHO, sign up here: http://www.updown.com/
    and practice until you at least double your fake money.

    Another great place to subscribe to is: http://youtube.com/user/SnP500Trader

    Best of luck!
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    Staffpro, welcome to the board. As you can see, if you are expecting any actual help or advise, it would be best to look elsewhere. 99% of the posts on this board are egotistical bullshit, by posters sitting at their keyboards typing with one hand while stroking their schlongs with the other. Amusement only is pretty much all you will find here.
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    Cut the kid a break, he's only 18.

    I think futures trading would be too much exposure for your capital base. If you like to follow 1 thing (which makes sense) I think another poster recommended FX trading. This may not be a bad idea for you because you can watch 1 currency pair and also trade around your classes. But either way ET is a great resource, use the search function to find out more information. Good luck.
  10. Thanks everyone else who answered, yes i subscribe to snp500 videos watch them very frequently.

    I have an updown account that is at 1,106,234 after 4 months, it was higher but i went to cuba and forgot about a few positions that lost me alot in january lol w/e it's fake money .

    Thanks again for everyone who isnt a dick, i appreciate your advice and hope to learn alot, and yeah i agree even just reading these forums there are alot of dumb posts but there are a few very valuable threads that i have stumbled upon, the main purpose of this thread was to get some answers on futures and from the answers so far a newbie trader should stay away from futures is the answer i am getting.
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