Futures trading + Zen-Fire + direct pit access

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    I posted a thread about this a few weeks ago, and now I'm back.

    For various reasons, I might have to look around for a new broker. I'm hoping everything will work out with my current broker (who's worked his butt off for me)... but at the end of the day, you can't argue with technology, and that's forcing me in a different direction right now.

    So I'm on the prowl for a futures broker that will give me direct pit access. I've learned a little (just enough to be dangerous), so have a better idea of what I'm looking for:

    - for now, I am trading soft/ag futures.

    - I need to trade with ZenFire + NT. PAT and TT both don't seem to support soft (cocoa, coffee, sugar), at least as far as I can tell.

    - I don't really care about commissions. Anything in the ballpark is fine.

    - I will be starting with $100k in equity (and with the right broker will scale up to $500k).

    - I want someone that will let me trade directly with locals in the pit (and hopefully help with introductions). I've been told the give-up is only ~$1 contract, which is not an issue for me.

    Any hope out there?
  2. Any big broker such as RJO'Brien or FC Stone can make an introduction.
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    As far as I can tell, both brokers have minimal electronic trading.. no ZF/NT, for sure.
  4. check your PM heech. Advantage (no ZF for NT, but have other options for softs), ADM-IS, Newedge, are others but it may be easier to match a broker to your trading needs (electronic and pit access), and THEN get a trading platform. Being stuck on having one particular feed on one particular platform limits you on brokerage choices. IMO, if you are trading that size (500K), pay up and get CQG Integrated Client.
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    I have about 5000 lines of code, and six months of development time tied up in my NinjaTrader strategy.

    So for now at least, I really am tied to one particular feed on one particular platform!
  6. yikes! yea...if I had that I might be a little more particular too! Best of luck hombre!
  7. Heech,
    How about asking NT support who they like?
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    Tried that. But they are absolutely religious about staying vendor agnostic. I've tried my best pleading tone, and could get nowhere with them.

    Oh wait, let me clarify. They were able to tell me who supports ZenFire, and that was it.

    It's when I ask for comparisons between ZF/TT/Pats that I get stone-walled.
  9. Sorry. I should have figured that.

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    Try hiring a programmer that will build a bridge to export the trading signals into qualifying broker's api. or try re-programming the strategy into another trading language. I'm sure you have the funds to make this happen, although it may take a few weeks or few months to see it finish.
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