Futures trading with IB & eSignal question.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by etherboy, Feb 10, 2004.

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    I just subscribed to eSignal. And found eSignal provide so-called "continuous future". Like "ES #F" for S&P futures.

    My question is, if I use eSignal and trade with IB through eSignal's IB plug-In and use "ES #F" as symbol, what will I be trading when ES approaching expiration date?

    According to eSignal FAQ, they say they will rollover on the exchange (maybe they mean eSigna server, I guess) 8 days before expiration, that is the Thursday before expiration week.

    So does that mean if I trade "ES #F", then I will be trading "ES M4" starting March 11th, am I right? If that's really the case, then I don't have to change symbols every 3 month. Can anyone verify this for me? Much appreciated.

    By the way, if I trade IB with eSignal'?s IB plug-In, do I get extra charge for the integration?
  2. Maybe you could direct this question to an E-signal customer rep for a better/definitive answer than the folks here on Elite.

    Just a suggestion to get info "straight form the horses mouth."


  3. with the continuous future you dont have to switch over on esignal but make sure that you switch months in TWS..

    there isnt a charge for the IB plug-in..

  4. i wonder why you insist on trading with the esignal plugin though. TWS is probably the best software out there. That plugin is a joke, at least the last time I tried it a few months ago.

    in my opinion take your time to study the tws and use it.. you won't regret it..
  5. I agree. Use tws with a good front end.
  6. etherboy


    I don't know. TWS looks daunting to me. Currently I use QT with TWS. But QT sometimes gives me headache too.

    I know there are frond ends like free Bracket-Trader, TSim+, and subscription based NinjaTraders, Futures-Trader, etc.

    I think I'm just not young enough to trade like boys playing 3D game, I like simpler interface better.

    Will email eSignal about the issue. Thanks.
  7. Etherboy,

    What is daunting? I"m lazy and stupid and find it incredibly simple to use. I will admit, at first look it seems backward and not intuitive.

    I read the manul thoroughly, and then just played with the demo for several hours. That was over 2 years ago, and I find it just fine.
  8. etherboy


    Maybe it's the black & purple color, or maybe a single click seems will create an order, and the lines starts jumping around scares me.

    Well, if everyone say it's simple, I'll give it a try.
  9. i have yet to see an execution platform that compares to tws. and i have tried (live or demo) quite a few. the most annoying one was redi+, the worst piece of shit man kind ever pooped.

    tws rocks.
  10. btw if you switch to Underlying mode (view -> underlying mode) it won't be purple anymore and you'll find it easier to enter the symbols.
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