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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by ashantt, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. ashantt


    What do the pros think of this Crude /CL trading strategy?

    Enter a 25 contract trade for a 0.03 move, with a trail stop at 0.08?
  2. THat is not a strategy, you know.
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  3. It's a great strategy. You will make a million a year with it.
  4. mickmak


    you have got to be kidding me if you think this is a strategy!

    This is OK if you have a entry and exit criteria based on market events or other information. Just saying my strategy is limit at 3 ticks and stop at 8 ticks on CL is efn stupid. Sorry. But it is.
  5. ashantt


    Sorry, I forgot to mention its based on a clear entry indicator.
  6. If you do it 22 minutes after the open, it will win every time.
  7. Sounds brilliant.

    You must of spent a lot of time and research coming up with that system.
  8. ashantt


    Thanks Net, Mick!

    Others can suck it.

    I've been successful 75% of the time so far. Just to let you know, I get the entry signal once or twice a day only. (I'm not overtrading like most you) And I've brought the trail stop to 0.05 and the exit to 0.02. Works like a Swiss Clock!

    Good Day and Good Trading!
  9. mickmak


    Once you find that entry, this is not an unreasonable bracket for CL. What's your max draw down?
  10. JPope


    Looks like the easiest way to make 150k a year I've seen on ET. I'll start today...
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