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  1. Hi,
    The last few months I have been educating myself on Futures Trading. Just wondering what trading software would be recommended for a Beginner?

    Ed K.
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    Wealth-Lab works great for me. If you're in the U.S. you can get it free of charge with a qualified account at Fidelity. Once you get going, you can use the Strategy Wizard to program indicator-based strategies, and, you'll have to set up with Symbol Info Manager with the contract specs for the instruments you trade. If you get stuck, just ask for help on the forum!
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    No such thing. You gonna go into a shoot-out with an airsoft gun? What you want is the best software that fits your style, and then do sim. (And ignore the malingerers. There'll be plenty.)
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    If there's one thing there's a ton of...it's futures trading platforms.

    Take a trip over to AMP to see what they offer. They pretty much offer every possible available platform from complicated to simple.
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    Focus on learning the execution side of any software and you will be fine. A big percentage of the "fancy" features that the platforms offer is not used by most real traders. Simple is what you follow as a rookie and come back to as a pro(my opinion).

    Use the categories we have https://optimusfutures.com/Futures-Trading-Platforms.php and choose the one right for you. Better yet, call us and we will help you choose one based on your schedule, technical know-how and markets traded.
  6. Software is nothing but a tool to support your trading style and strategy. You have to find your style and strategy first before you can identify/specify what kind of software you are looking for.
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