Futures trading since MF collapse...

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    I would like to hear from other professional futures how trading has been since MF collapsed.

    I trade Grains, livestock, metals and energy and since October I have made less and less to the point that I am struggling to pull a positive month in January. It's like all the dumb money that used to provide my income was at MF Global...

    Plus it seems nothing is moving, no volume, no volatility. I just watch the screens trying to figure out what to do. I try a lot of new things but nothing works.

    It's funny how things change rapidly. I made my biggest month ever in August. I hope confidence will be restored and a new wave of weak hands comes to the market.

  2. Volume's are down somewhat, but the order book looks roughly the same for markets we trade (ES, CL, ZN).

    Support & Resistance are still there.

    I wouldn't necessarily draw an inference that the MF Global THEFT has led to different trading conditions.

    Stocks are drifting higher on no volume (we've seen this before) and for commodities, I think we're back to BTFD!

    How do you like trading grains? Catch that nice inverted H&S in March corn?

    Plan to sell the top of gap, around 6.57?

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    I had to put a chart to see what you were talking about. I don't really trade directionally so I don't know. Perhaps one day I will try TA based trading.For now I just provide liquidity and spread across commodities or expiries.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hello Tradator,

    sorry, but i dont know what you are talking about.

    Could you explain to me how do you make money, if you do not trade directionally.

    I know only 3 ways to trade:
    1. directionally - manuall
    2. directionally - automatic
    3. Arbitrage (but someone told me, this doesnt work nowadays anymore.)

    Please explain.

    Thank you very much.

    About your question, when i look at the commodities, nothing have changed, they look like always. Its normal that there are periods with more and less volume. IMO

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    The vix is down to 18.51 now. The lower the volatility the lower the premiums. Everyone is being squeezed.
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    Spreading on futures is like statistical arbitrage on stocks( pretty much ...).I also scalp outrights so I guess it must be micro directional trading.
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    This year is getting really crappy now...I think I am going to pull a down month for may. Last time I had a losing month was probably in 2007.

    I have been testing some active liquidity providing techniques in the last couple months, trading 1000-2000 lots per day but since the beginning of may, I lost the equivalent of the former 3 months gains...

    Back to the drawing board again.

    I am just wondering if some futures traders are experiencing a good year...

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    In trading, if you don't know who the idiot is, chances are you are the one.

    MF global lost money in european bonds, nothing to do with what you listed. maybe you never read anything about MF global.

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    Wow...That's a retarded post.

    MF Global clients never represented any meaningful volume on the products I listed? Like NYMEX for example ? MF was the largest FCM there, stupid.

    You cant' even make the difference between MF global brokerage positions that led to this crap and the positions/business of its unlucky clients.

    Go kill yourself.
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