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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bigbear1970, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. What I am look for is a very user friendly futures trading platform that includes:

    1. The ability to trade all futures not just e-mini's.
    2. Options on the futures.
    3. Good data, charting, and back testing.

    Any reccomendations?
  2. billgerth


    There are tons out there that are really good, you just need to do a google search and check em out.

    Most brokerages offer free demo accounts that allow you to test the platforms. I just found this brand new firm named Zumo that seems stupid cheap and I am doing more research to see if they are legit. They have there own platform that I have never seen before but I personally prefer the T4 but will give their's a try.

    Basically, just do some due diligence, you will find one that fits your parameters fast.
  3. J-Trader is great. Considering how "old school" it is I'm surprised more traders don't speak up about it. It's regarded as very stable & is so good many FCMs white-label it as their own.

    Between TT's X-Trader (which can be pricey) & some random broker's platform (Think: TOS, OptionsXPress, etc.), I think it's great.

    Professional execution, good feel & it should be very inexpensive if not free.

    To be fair, I don't use it for charting. I use DTN Prophet X.

    :D Hope this helps.