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    Guys can someone trading EuroStoxx suggest me which platform you are trading and with which broker

    Ive looked at

    TT - Expensive for new starter. With Velocity its free but roundtrip is expensive. and its based in Chicago. Any UK based company please advise.

    Ninja- Good ATM still in doubt how good the execution will be in LIVE and limited by 5 level DOM. Let me know if someone has traded live with ait and worked fine.

    Stellar - Does anyone got info about how much it cost. I called them and emailed but awaiting there reply.

    Any others ..

  2. ofthomas


    look at CQG Trader, I use CQGIC... I am with Crossland, but you can stay with Velocity... you will need charting still (unless going with CQGIC)...
  3. cornix


    I use CTS T4 to trade futures. Like their DOM very much and server-side OCO orders are very important from security point of view.