Futures trading office space in Chicago

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ibrainch, Apr 3, 2013.

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  2. Sounds like that place will be filled with homeless and other miscreants looking to surf porn while pretending to trade futures just to get a free desk. Be sure to advertise free hot soup in the kitchen if you want to quickly fill every desk.

    mistake IMHO-- but good luck anyway!

    surf:D :p :)
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    The homeless and miscreants don't need to pretend to work in an office while surfing for porn, they can do that at the public libraries (or at the SEC and Dept of Energy).

    On a serious note, in addition to paying commissions, does anyone have an idea how much a trader has to pay Advantage for a setup that includes a desk, computer, internet and data feeds?
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    A simple desk cubicle with internet access is $550/month - computer is additional (you can either use your own or work with their IT staff to purchase a custom one as they have volume discounts through Dell). Private offices start at $950/month for 2-person office and go up from there. You should call 312-347-4800 to schedule a tour of the office space as it is really nice...
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  7. Has management changed? So far they have run a good business, and unless something has changed I would think they have looked into this opportunity pretty heavily. My guess is they know what they are doing, but at the same time they wouldn't be the first to lose their way.
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    Only available for their "trader-clients" or open to others? Good deal if you don't have to switch to their brokerage especially considering the infrastructure they'll have in place.
  9. I've been inside their CBOT offices before. It's a well run operation. If we relocate from NYC back to Chicago, we will consider this.
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    I used to lease some private office space at Advantage Futures in the CME building. Very good firm with excellent technical support.

    In terms of sharing a large open space with many other traders - that might make some traders uncomfortable and I think that they should honor that feeling. The last thing a trader needs is distraction. Other traders seem to want the comradeship.

    Rest assured that whatever studies and models you have up on your screens - that will get bird-dogged. Also, your P&L and fill windows and execution platform info will get carefully scanned by passers-by.
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