Futures Trading GPS Systems (Guidance during market volatility)

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  1. My aim is to have a list of this type of services here on ET. I have included a signal service that I call 'GPS' here for the benefit of all. No one GPS is ever perfect, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like the opportunity to expand my horizons.

    What is a futures trading GPS System? It's a tool you as a trader (most often a day trader) use to make sure you're in the right "neighborhood" when making trades. It's not run by a somebody who tells you exactly what trades to make and when, because the only thing you're going to do with something like that is lose. For example: if you're driving on the road and you see the exit you know you're supposed to take right in front of you, but your GPS erroneously tells you to continue to the next stop, YOU SHOULD STILL TAKE THE EXIT! This is equivalent to using a system's trading signals to lightly guide you throughout a trading day, but not relying solely on them.

    One guideline I'd like to add to make this list more coherent is use of the following format:

    All comments and feedback appreciated.
    Here's mine, now show me yours. :p

    MY TRADING STYLE: Day Trader
    TOOL: Real-Time Futures Trading Signals
    PROVIDER: My Brokerage
    URL: http://www.cannontrading.com/education-day-trading-webinar.php

    PROS: It's a proprietary system, and the signals have had a good record of being valid - making it a good GPS system for me. The guy who runs it (the brokerage VP) also regularly gets on and provides commentary on the markets, particularly at market open and during times of high volatility. I use it as my right-hand tool when trading, and honestly it actually makes me feel less lonely when trading alone at home.

    CONS: It's not available for every contract. It covers the E-mini S&P, Crude Oil, and the Euro Currency extremely well... but I'm not sure whether it supports any others. I would call them to see what your options are.

  2. How can I get this system for myself?:D
  3. Hmm RCG you should just be able to go to the website and sign up whether or not you're a client of the brokerage itself... TBH I'm a client so I didn't go through that process but I'm sure it's easy.

    You seem to have been trading for a while, is there anything you use as a GPS trading system? What I use serves me extremely well but I'm of the belief that we can always be improving, so I'm interested in what other serious traders are using! Thanks :)
  4. Yeah, that's in the neighborhood of what I was talking about.. though to be honest the website seems super scammy to me. "Sign up and make money trading!"... Really? Umm okay. I think if you spend one week reading about trading online you'll pick up an aversion to people/offers like this.

    What's your experience with it?
  5. I am so sure that publishing URLs in his shameless fashion will make the mods deliriously happy... ;-)

    ... let me know in case, i will happily contribute! :)))

  6. Hey soldsoldsold, your broker also publishes daily blog with support and resistance numbers for several contracts. That's actually pretty useful. I'll let people look it up on their own.

  7. I'm not really interested in that type of thing, I find those who have commentary that are willing to part with for free on the internet are generally not worth listening to. Thanks though.... ANYBODY else with suggestions/ ideas for systems?

    What's so shameless about it? Excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't that EXACTLY what a community like this is for? I agree, several hundred threads in that fashion would be irritating, but hence the reason behind forum moderation and condensing threads.

    Please do contribute! I am genuinely looking for other suggestions here, I'm surprised by the lack of response. I'm sure I'm inviting trolls by saying this, but why wouldn't somebody be interested in sharing? We're not THAT competitive are we?
  8. I had a thought while sending a private message on this topic... do you (reader) just not rely on any type of external guidance for trading? I had assumed that most traders had some type of system running to give them an idea of market trends, is this not true?
  9. my point was that most ET posters are a bit more advanced than believing in the signal fable

    signals migh make some $$$ only to the people who issue them, as they will be right about 50% of the time
    and, on a statistical basis, they could hope to get some profit (like insurances), if enough gullible
    people subscribe (opportunity fading as awareness increases and also competition among scammers and other
    creative i-think-to-be-smarter-than-you people)

    so there is a good chance that the only ones posting such links would be either quite naive or associated with
    the services or "suspected" to be so (with possibility of being banned)

    so, this might explain ... ;-))

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