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    Do you guys know of any Futures trading contests that have large prizes. I've been looking around and the few that I saw had very small prizes. Also, which are the prestigious contests to enter (if there are any)? Thanks in advance for the input.
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    no one?
  3. PFG has 4 contests this year where the big prize I think is $250,000 in a futures account to manage.
  4. Robbins Trading has an annual contest where the participants can elect to kick in money to a prize pool. Keep in mind that the firms that sponsor these things impose "high" commissions on the participants. You're not getting any "free money".
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    what is PFG?
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    yeah I was wondering the same thing.
  7. A broker.
  8. I believe you have to open an account for the PFG contest and maybe the minimum is $50,000.

    The firm's link is www.pfgbest.com
  9. They're a pretty big Chicago FCM......
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