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  1. I am using Ninja Trader for my charts and IB as my broker. I would like to get into index futures so am looking for a decent futures broker.

    Can somebody recommend a good futures broker? Fast execution and no hidden fees or bad surprises.

    I have been thinking about
    Global Futures (already read on one of the ET threads about their $100 inactivity fee, but overall seems they are very eager to get your business)
    Mirus Futures
    Advantage Futures

    They are all a little bit more expensive than IB but their margins are much lower.
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    I've been looking into Velocity Futures. Their commissions look pretty competitive. (No, I don't work for Velocity.)
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    Is MB Trading an option where you live?
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    MB Trading is the best broker I have tried, good execution even during highly volatile periods.
  5. MB Trading is an option, yes, and they work with Ninja. Is it a better company that Mirus, AMP and Global Futures?
  6. The T4 Platform is the most stable platform you're going to find, next to TT's X-Trader, which is cumbersome in comparison.

    Dorman Trading and a few others offer it. I don't recall ever having my DOM delayed..............EVER.
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    They are a larger company... and they are not an intruducing broker.

    From what I hear they offer some of the best support for API clients, such as NinjaTrader.

    You probably need to compare the most recent commissions and margins yourself. Regarding the quality of general experience broker reviews on this site are probably the best place to start.
  8. MB Trading is clearly an IB as they are not a clearing firm.

    "Equities and Options transactions clearing are provided by Penson Financial Services (PFS)."

    "Futures transactions clearing are provided by Penson GHCO."

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    anituchka, you may also find useful opinion from a different thread:
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    From investopedia
    From financial-dictionary:
    If you read various definitions of an introducing broker, some suggest that an IB passes on clearing and execution of trades to another futures murchant. The key key here is IB don't execute trades via exchange and pass on a responsibility for trade execution via exchange to a different entity. So, it doesn't matter who clears the trades (in the case of MB Trading it's Penson), the main difference is whether the broker executes trades themselves (for futures contracts that would be via respective exchange) or passes on responsibility for execution of client trades to another broker.
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