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    Hi, I am about to start at a Prop firm in London and was wondering if there was a good intro book out there to give me a rounded introduction to scalping?

    Thanks in advance
  2. ===============

    [1] Amoung the best;
    [2] all 3 top trader books by Jack Schwager.

    [3] Even though 3rd is more stocks than derivatives;
    similiar principles apply in any market:cool:
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    thanks for that. Is 'among the best' the title?

  4. Mastering daytrading Of Futures by Bo Yoder

    Title is a little flashy but it has good sound information on daytrading futures that will help you get started in the right direction.
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    Thanks, optioncoach, just ordered it.
    Any views on FCT as a place to work as a grad?
  6. Kap


    Had to laugh at this .. what are they offereing u etc ? .. pm if u like .. i use to work there, as for getting a book on scalping .. ur avin a laugh right >?