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  1. What is the reasoning behind you trading futures rather than equities?

    Is it because futures are more based on technical analysis?

    Someone please fill me in here!
  2. You can make or lose $ more quickly in futures. Much greater leverage. Many different markets. Special tax treatment.
  3. Single market place (Globex, Eurex and other exchange platforms), 60/40 tax treatment, choice of leverage and commissions.
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    Also, easier tax prep.
  5. Futures is a little bit more of a "Chicago Thing".
    Equities is a little bit more of a "New York Thing". :cool:
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    I exclusively trade futures in New Jork, as do all of my Wall Street flunkie trading partners!
  8. futures have always appealed to me more. I have an ag background and I love the markets so naturally....
  9. Eurex: lower commissions and greater leverage make for a more efficient application of my capital. Money I do not need for margin is swept into an interest baring account and invested into stocks I select based on valuations.
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