Futures Traders- What percentage of your net worth are you trading with?

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  1. Successful futures traders,

    What percentage of your capital do you use in the futures markets and what percentage do you have in a long term diversified portfolio?

    I use 10% for futures and 90% in long term diversified portfolio . Providing one has a profitable method for futures do you think this is too little of an amount or just right?

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  3. I'll ask again because I am interested and have not discussed this with anyone else yet.

    What percentage of your liquid net worth do you have in your futures account? Do you base your " per trade risk" on your total net worth or just on what is in your futures account?
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    About 5-10% in futs intraday.
    40% in swings.
    50% in long term holds
  5. A better way to look at it is how much you are controlling. For instance with a 100k and 10% in futures fully margined you are probably controlling 250k.
  6. I need to rephrase my question in detail.

    Lets say one has 250k in liquid net worth. ( I always use this number for hypothetical situations)

    How much money from that 250k should be held in a futures account and what should the risk per trade be from that amount held in the futures account?

    Also, how much from that 250k should be held in long term diversified funds?

    In my opinion...

    Assuming one has 250k . One should hold 25k in a futures account and risk no more than .05% per trade ($125) intraday.....

    While keeping 225k in long term diversified funds.

    Interested in others' thoughts, opinions , and experiences.
  7. well hand, like I'm trying to tell you. You got 250k, how much of that do you want tied up in gold, crude and soybeans?
  8. with 10% (25k) even at 50% margin you have more than half your net worth "invested" in commodities.
  9. Lol yeah I get your drift. I guess I personally wouldn't go for a 3 asset diversification although I do agree with those choices.
  10. Let me rephrase again.....

    With 250k liquid net worth what dollar amount would you risk per intraday trade,? While keeping the rest in long term diversified portfolio.
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