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    At $1.5+fee per side , your commision is much more expensive than other discount futures brokers.
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    That's the advertised price on our website.
    For active traders looking to transfer, we can go lower. Hence the promotion
    Thanks for checking us out. Hope you had a good weekend.
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    Hi George, welcome to Elite Trader. What FCM do your clear through?
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  5. so over 100 trades, what is total actual $$$ savings?
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    Hello Mason
    There are other details we consider. Hence the form. You can also send an email with your current rate, how much you are looking to pay, balance and average size.
    Our goal is to simply offer something lower than you are currently paying. No guarantees of course.
    Thanks for checking us out

  7. maxinger


    I guess this is for those who already have

    - a very good trading execution time of < 1 sec.
    When the traffic is very heavy, my current trading platform execution time could be > 10 seconds.

    - a very stable trading platform.
    My current trading platform has had irritating bugs for months.

    so this broker wouldn't suit me well.
    Because the above 2 points are more important to me.
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    Your post is really confusing.
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  9. virtusa


    Prices of platforms are not mentioned. Any FREE platforms?
  10. Please elaborate
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