Futures Trader seeks backing

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  1. I have a freind that took out a $25,000 home equity loan to buy Sleepys stock. Bought it around $8 and a month later it was down by at least half. Never to recover.

    How bad does that suck? Lost on the trade and you still have to pay off the loan.
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  2. do you have a disclosure document approved by the NFA/CFTC to trade futures. Otherwise I would be very careful how to try to raise money publiclly. Even if someone was interested and they gave you money and you lost it, you have exposed yourself to much retribution and liability from the cftc.
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  3. ain't that the truth.....what a difference three years makes in the futures and stocks.
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  4. mgzheng


    What did you do wrong that you ended up day trading stocks? I scalped treasury the past 2 weeks and made good money. But I'm new to it so am curious to what could go wrong doing this in the long run. Thanks.
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  5. You better hurry quick as the bankruptcy laws are about to change Oct 17.
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  6. Open a credit card, take out $10k from it(cash advance), zero % financing for first 6 months, then keep paying off card with new card, until you made enough trading to pay off your 0% credit card.
    been there, Done that, it works, but risky.
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  7. I am also a good trader looking for capital. PM me if you would like to send me your capital to trade.
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  8. get on the wrong side of a economic number :D

    it's like getting hit by a train, only you won't know what hit you :D
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  9. tomcole


    Why only ask for $10Gs, might as well ask for some real cash.
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  10. eminiguy


    Hey, I'll take the $10,000 and make someone filthy rich. I'm not the best trader, I'm the worst. Since I lose on almost every trade, I'll simply trade an investors account by always taking the opposite position from mine. From my track record, how could anyone lose?
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