Futures Trader seeks backing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ackxhpaez, May 28, 2005.

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    I believe someone in in one of the "Market Wizards" books said that the best way to make money trading is to find the best trader you can and give him your money to manage. Now is your chance.

    I am seeking financial backing to return to trading futures. I spent three years as a professional futures trader scalping treasury futures. I decided to leave my proprietary trading firm after becoming frustrated with the inferior pay out and rates. Futures trading firms in NYC are hard to come by, so I joined a proprietary stock trading firm and have been trading stocks for the last year. However, the transitional period to trading stocks has taken longer than expected and I have exhausted most of my savings such that I do not have enough money to open my own futures trading account. I am consistently profitable trading stocks now, but the amount of money I am making is greatly inferior to the opportunity in futures, so I want to return to trading futures as soon as possible.

    What I am proposing is selling an interest in the my trading profits in exchange for capital to begin trading. I need to raise $10,000 in order to open a professional futures trading account with low enough rates for my style of trading, which is a high-volume intra-day scalping style. I also plan to capture certain intra-market aribitrage opportunities.

    This is all still in the planning stages so if this may be of interest to you. PM me and I can provide further details.
  2. lar


    I don't mean to be rude, but why is it you can't come up with 10K yourself?
  3. jsmith


    "three years as a professional futures trader scalping treasury futures"

    Would a successful trader make at least 10k in 3 years trading? Good Luck!
  4. ENZO


    You cant be serious, you are gonna get IMed to death on this post. Your crazy for even asking. A professional doesnt ask for money, he makes it.

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    Why don't you just come to Chicago?
  6. "I believe someone in in one of the "Market Wizards" books said that the best way to make money trading is to find the best trader you can and give him your money to manage."

    That may be true.

    But are you the best trader?...,...

    Your track rtecord doesn't lead me to believe so!
  7. But are you the best trader?...,...
    Use some of your own money to find out!
  8. There are some funny threads on this website but this is the first one that has made me laugh out loud.

    Spectacular stupidity- to think that any trader.... sorry... any sane minded person over the age of 5, would want to back someone's plea for funds because they can turn a molehill of cash into a mountain (even though in the last three years you haven't managed to build $10k) is pure comedy.

    Top drawer stuff.

    Just as a quick warning for you, (in case there is an idiot out there willing to give you some money)- if you haven't traded futures for 3 years and you think you can come back and scalp/arbitrage in treasuries the same way now, YOU ARE F***ING DREAMING, mate. That's a harder task now than it ever has been before.

    I'm willing to bet you $10k of my P/L that you will lose your $10k quicker than you can say "Is that bid real or is there some kind of flipping action about to happen...."
  9. :D :D

    I am also seeking financial backing to trade. Since I was not a professional trader for three years I will be offering a special sale price of only $5,000. Please forward your checks to me.

    Yes its true you wont get as much with me, but the bright side is you won't pay as much to get started.

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    Why don't you just get a cash advance at 3.99% from some credit cards? Take advantage of the cheap money.

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