futures to trade in the evening (estern time NYC)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ftrexx, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. ftrexx


    I'm pretty new as a future trader.
    I started trading Eminisp500 but i would like to trade during the evening/night.
    Can anyone suggests a future with enough volume to trade after the NYSE closing....of course even in some markets oversea.

  2. Broch


    Evening; NYC; after the bell. Hm.

    This is what I'ld do. Get dressed to the 9's and smell out the coke club. That's where the traders are. Have a seat at the slot poker machine and play. The odds are better; the pay-out more often; and, to be honest, more exiting. That, and if you've the skills, you don't have to go home alone. Or maybe you have to.
  3. swag


  4. lwlee


    Around 9pm EST. Trade the Nikkei. Very liquid but moves slowwwwwly.

    Around 11pm EST. Hang Seng trades. Moves quicker, tick value is higher. Not for beginners.

    I like the DAX but it's too early in the morning. Around 3-4am EST. Plus tick value is like 12.5 euros or something like 17 USD. Not for beginners.