Futures tick RED

Discussion in 'Trading' started by captain_trips, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. ES was +18 a mere 40 minutes ago following BSC and Fed news

    going RED with momentum

    I'm going to get in line at the bank
  2. plugger


    You know captain, if you got some friends together and actually did line up at the bank, it would be a nice story on the 10 pm news. Give it a shot. Could make for an interesting experiment in human psychology.
  3. Shorting that move was free money! :cool:
  4. There is no bottom. Way too many bottom callers on Friday, too optimistic in the face of such a weak economy. Fed bailouts of all sorts are priced in already, EVERYONE knows that Bernanke is going to throw the kitchen sink at this thing, and come up with inane bailouts of all varieties so he does it again, no big surprise, a quick short covering rally which fades very quickly because these things are all priced in.
  5. My YM feed is gone!!! :(
  6. YM feed is back, must have been a hickup